"coup de grace" lp

by shores

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The roots of Michigan’s SHORES tap the wellspring of RED HOUSE PAINTERS, BEDHEAD, THE NEW YEAR, CODEINE, LOW, SPAIN, SEAM, and SLOWDIVE. The first haunting note of “Coup de Grace” rings out, clear and clean, followed in time by another drenched in natural reverb, the living sound of a dark, wooden room. Not a cathedral, not a church, but a place of warmth and comfort nonetheless. The patient crescendo builds, the percussion kicks in, rocketing the dynamics into full play. Clean guitars, loud drums, clear vocals. Purposeful over casual, downbeat yet forward moving. Dark, not depressing. A rainy day, a late night adventure. —Var.

“No Idea fans aren’t going to understand what the hell is going on when they hear this.” That’s how Shores’ drummer John Massel pitched his new band to me last year. To tell the truth, he’s probably dead on with that assessment. Set to a slow, building tempo and with nary a chorus to be heard, Shores’ hearkens back to the downbeat melodies of the dubiously-popular “slowcore” movement of the late ‘90s. The warm embrace of Brian’s reverb-laden vocals echoes amid the dreamy soundscape crafted by his elegant guitarwork as the pensive, deliberate drums create a minimal backbone upon which the songs rest. With grandoise structures that flow from gentle, minimal arrangements into sprawling climaxes, it’s easy to lose oneself in the haze of lush harmonies and rolling, rhythmic cascades. Maybe it’s easiest to sum things up by saying that this is the kind of record you want to put on when you’re in the mood to lay on your floor all morning in a catatonic opiate daze. —Cam


released October 31, 2010

First Pressing on colored vinyl with screen-printed cover, download code, and a quart of atmosphere.

Brian Przybylski - guitar, vocals, bass
John Massel - drums

Recorded late 2008 by Matt Younker, Christian Kremo, and Josh Stacey at The White Lodge in Wayland, MI. Mixed 2009 by Christian Kremo. Mastered 2010 by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlacc.

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shores Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: meanwhile
so quickly, we go from meticulous choosing of lines to pairing our mood with wine. and maybe it’s a matter of opinion, but i never felt like pushing myself on anyone else. i’m bored with the trouble of watching trouble creating trouble.
Track Name: robin
when robin speaks, it’s spoken because robin knows her own strength. what robin has, she will keep. robin knew she had me. robin knows when you’re watching. and robin knows when you’re okay. but you can't say what you're missing when robin's stare sets its place. we can learn from this.
Track Name: one palm sunday
as it now seems, we find the time so easily. we float, we sink, we see. the shoulders bow from peace of mind, a mind half-full. so drink till it’s me, and i’ll try and find new things to be. then fail to see the idle tithe, the vibrating. and as it shall be, no kiss goodbye. it’s what you tow in mind, less and less meaningful.
Track Name: roux
poised to break, candid and reckless. you see what’s made, deconstructed and built on ash. i know you’re right, i’m not fine. wash it out, cut and dried great times. the clock strikes one last time, strikes too late. i know you’re fine, i’m not right.
Track Name: shame on nameless
even at the will of chance, hardly bearing to stand witness to the work of two hands. if only for half the wind of prior lust, the drift could catch and carry us.
Track Name: engage, pall
with no crowd left to murder, your work here is done, done. you’re pushing even further. you push until it’s gone on long past a longing for hold. you cut the breaks in two, now the break has caught you.
Track Name: canned heat
hands full of vices, no look on your face. wondering how you came to speak this way. filling restless pockets with even more proof. through tired seasons, no one broke moves. with only one wish to give, i’m giving in. so cool it down now, down where we can kick around more, down for the sake of killing time. i’ve given mine.
Track Name: seeds
if it all hits at once, what’s left between? back on one for the meantime. hands to their sides, bracing fore. another lull, another load. can you not see it?