"to volstead" lp

by shores

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(free) 04:13


shores is brian, john, billy & sean. this record was written & recorded by brian & john, tracked june 6, 22, 23 & 29, 2010 by rick johnson at cold war studios in grand rapids, michigan. mixed by rick johnson. mastered by derron nufner at sarlacc. vinyl cut by dave eck at lucky lacquers. photos by mark j. gaylard.


released October 29, 2011

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all rights reserved


shores Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: pulitzer
to know to wait, it's worth its weight.
it's worth the fire; the hope in writing.
a point to make amends,
a man, from sleight of hand.
catering convenience finds less worth believing.
with means worth meeting,
convenience won't mind
until we let it fray the lines
of points made and amended,
abandoned by the hands of men.
Track Name: all the allotropies
are we deaf ears?
are we secure?
are we sacred, or just scared?
part says to let it go.
part says to each their own.
part seems to always know
when to call it a night.
all considered, it still finds growth.
all considered, it still breeds hope.
through peaks and the throws,
it starts to show..
the lingering doubt still making its rounds
from the corner of the mouth.
Track Name: faith hill
i am hamlet, and everyone dies.
make wholly dues, pay holy dues.
to the series of niches
from where we rest easy, easy and dumb.
arms around jupiter,
feet nailed right here.
ran the gamut, all is simple, all aligned.
through hold and stare, so quick to scare.
emboldened factories play keep for the ware,
and guards won't soon speak from just anywhere.
Track Name: to volstead
content to attend to the unknowns,
the corners attempt to fold.
a heavy beside the cheek bone
of every one of them in the know.
and we know..
pretend to commend all in the know,
a sealed approval for the the fold.
and heavies on every last table
deceptive to increase the glow.
and they know..
if you can't find my eyes,
you can't care now.
Track Name: humoring
don't worry, don't hurry.
there are worse things.
no sultry sorry seems
to spoil the valor of disperity
shaking hands and forgetting names.
don't worry, keep entertained.
don't force the gift horse.
know safe, know safety,
well and good and entertained.
Track Name: orion
we'll make our own holidays to celebrate
just to find and justify these miles.
the glasses on the night stand,
filled and emptied twice.
from one bell, one rail to another,
we'll buckle when we find each other.
i'll speak in code for as long as i can,
won't soon forget doors to be had.
so much for the book.
so much for the magazines.
so much for the looks
i've been pocketing.
Track Name: beau monde
to sit and list the reasons why
would make waste of both of our times.
we toe the lines,
but towing lines split and crack and wait with time.
so defeatist, defeat us.
so reload the abacus.
i'll sleep when you're out of town.
Track Name: hailing distance
play it safe,
play it smart,
play for keeps,
the points between
the flora and fauna,
the vapor, the velour,
complaints and compliance,
the waning and the wine.
Track Name: roughhousing
all the care supports to rust,
all aware, reduced to luck.
and how right was he to sing
even rats will find order?
the guilt will paralyze the doubt,
should we fail to fall in order.
try to take it slow.
subtleties slip so gracefully,
detract from, untracked and
dancing neatly, jab for jab,
loose cannons on beam's ends.
Track Name: the opening salvo
can’t wait for them days, for the berating, for the serenade, for the floor to yield and break. hope grows old in short time, so petition for anything, here or there, more likely signing pleas for disaster. the same old resolution of familiar revolutions. shake until my heart’s content.