by shores

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released February 14, 2015

tracked march 23-25 2012 at the dojo, branch, michigan,
and march 27 2012 at cold war studios, grand rapids, michigan.
rick johnson - tracking, mixing, mastering, extra credit
brian przybylski - guitars, vocals
billy bartholomew - bass
sean stearns - guitars, noise
john massel - drums
kevin nunn - photography
erica williams - artwork



all rights reserved


shores Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: litany
when expectation expires,
which new developments
should you accept?
trust in number one,
but i've been handing out
the benefit of doubt.
and i burn and i burn and i burn for it,
merely, mirroring, merrily.
where expectation goes to die.
Track Name: angola
to mind, to tend, the riches.
to mend and find plum, in awe.
missile strands the outline,
finessing paths to the outside.
always with the problem sets,
never to dwell.
but dwelling in just wondering
what time will show and tell.
but should we choose to stay inside too long, i will write.
you never write.
you'll never write.
you're never right.
Track Name: olmstead
you can never expect memory to serve so diligently
those things that can't serve themselves, or anybody.
a little less ubiquitous.
a little more to even score.
glad to have came.
glad to have seen.
glad to have heard the end of it safely.
in peril, feral with unparalleled attention to detail.
'cause you're so taken,
with such oration,
what you get away with.
what you get away.
Track Name: almost
admit it, you've given up.
admittedly, I'm giving in.
so brave, your shaking. an eloquent dissent.
so on to what's next, like any other week passed.
i hope, for the sake of honesty, you think of me,
naturally and resold, as if you'd known.
you'd know.
Track Name: haute
tell me just how rare,
just how dear.
but be sure to shout,
to make things good and clear.
how timely, how timeless.
acclimated laborious.
now everyone's just talking to themselves,
speaking for everyone else.
show me what's left.
teach me the rest.
begin to second guess the second guesses to death.
Track Name: promenade
apt to see future maybes.
all new sets of steps to take.
"if" or "when," as simple as simple gets.
you do more than write checks,
just blank, just plain futility.
downtime, distractions.
out of phase, calling in favors.
its poetic license: the mother lode.
turn again to put the dreams on hold.
Track Name: sinker [bonus track]
i, for one, have never been in the business of pretending.
but then again, the less reason to believe,
the more i learn,
the more i seem to repeat.
having learned to stop the nevers, the forevers, forever.
say it one more time with conviction.
the scissors in your hand,
and i'm making lists to forget, to dismiss.