by shores

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recorded by rick johnson at cold war studios between august 2014 and february 2015.
mixed by rick johnson.
shores on this recording: brian, billy, sean, brent, pat.
additional vocals on "radar" by mat churchill.


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


shores Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: prettier
are you terrified
you're terrifying
the clever ones always last
end up among the greys and the can'ts
equal to the task
equal to none
always taking what the taking can get
before the leaving have left
but we're not history just yet
all too fondly
haunted and haunting
in honor of one to last
in honor of the middle of the pack
Track Name: radar
black eyes, confines, calamity
flushed out, enticed, entirely
glide to rest and resource
stay right, right where you are
you need not trust in curses
to seek out your innocence
it'll catch up on its own
the dread, burrowed, buried deep
the heart-suspended disbelief
Track Name: spirits are the future
on the count of three
on account of we
what could seem so undyingly undone
had only just begun
versus the ground
royal gates bound
from movement to fracture
from fracture to collapse
collapse or failure
a fail-safe, an exit
Track Name: expense
so all or nothing it is
and still taking all to grab
so bold
and boldly gone
so slow down
low down
more than can be held
more to be dispelled
Track Name: astringent
wander and stumble
in yesterday's clothes
as is doubtless
already known
failed senses
failed senseless
the art of scratching until it itches
walking away, turn your back
until you miss it
oh, allure, all insured
the ancient worn lure
not something to everyone
but everything to some
Track Name: stead
squarely strung together
spare talking, i guess
you never listened
either which way
adjusting to the slumps
security, empathy, i guess
post up the fences
hold me in
the dead don't shiver
just hold secrets dear
maybe i grew awful
maybe you deserved it